Syria-Agrofood 2024 Exhibition

The biggest and most important agriculture exhibition in Syria

Meet our organizer

The show is organized by Expo Cham Co., a member of NRC Group.

Expo Cham benefits from its experienced management as a dynamic and enthusiastic international exhibition and national pavilion organizer with over 20 years of experience in the industry and organizing more than 300 exhibitions or national pavilions in different countries, especially in the Middle East region.

Expo Cham provides a full service package that meets all the needs to implement complex projects involved in participation at an international exhibition. In addition, Expo Cham provides logistic solutions for private events, demonstrations, workshops and customer/distributor conferences.


Considered the most modern exhibition venue in Syria, the new Damascus International Fairground is one of the biggest worldwide spreading exhibition centres with over 1.2 million square meters, located on the Highway between Damascus and the International Airport. This state-of-the-art fairground enjoys exhibition halls, services and facilities according to the most modern global standards. Damascus Fairground provides all the necessary services for the business of visitors, exhibitors and the organizers.

Exhibition Information

• Exhibition Name: Syria-Agrofood 2024
• Date: 26-29-February 2024
• Timing: 15:00 – 21:00
• Place: Damascus International Fairground
• Area: 10,000 sqm / 2 Halls (10 & 26)
• Exhibition Organizer: EXPO CHAM CO. LTD

New Damascus Fairground

• It offers 233,000 sqm of exhibition space, which is consisted of 83,000 sqm air conditioned halls, 150,000 sqm outdoor exhibition area and an additional green space of 40,000 sqm.
• It is also equipped with the Warehouses, Workshops, Custom office and warehouses, Business Center, Press Center, Health Center, Radio & Television Center, Fire Station, Meeting Rooms, Seminars & Administration building, security, Restaurants & Cafes, and 11,000 sqm ample Parking areas with the capacity of 1,800 cars.



Syria Agrofood 2024

THE BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT AGRICULTURE EXHIBITION IN SYRIA Syria-Agrofood 2024 Exhibition for the first time after 11 years of conflict and disconnection of Syria's agriculture industries with the global market has provided a brilliant atmosphere to establish a direct connection between the main international suppliers and producers and the demanded agriculture machinery, equipment and product input market of Syria.

Also by having a full support from the Syrian Government specially Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade of Syria as well as all other related organization such as Banks, Custom Authority, Investment, Insurance firms, Hotels and many other sectors for the first time providing a wide range of solutions for facilitating the transactions of international companies during this international event. It is attempted to create a proper platform to upgrade the health condition of Syrian afflicted people.

The show is supported by the Syrian government and organizes under the patronage of Ministry of Agriculture, with coordination and under supervision of Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade and Ministry of Industry of Arab republic of Syria.
It also has virtually supported by the related Chambers, Ssyndicatesand unions of Syria.

Syria Market


Since the second half of the last century, Syria has enjoyed a great recovery that has included many fields. The most important productive activities and developed sections in Syria were Agriculture and Livestock which witnessed remarkable movements and became one of the major pillars of development in Syria. 95 percent of the cultivated area of Syria is invested, constituted 26% of the total national income and provided employment to about 20% of the country’s workforce population. Syria was self-sufficient in most foodstuffs and one of the biggest exporters of agricultural products in the Middle East.

By 2011 and entering the country in the war, agricultural sectors have declined significantly and were subjected to a lot of sabotage and damage and incurred a lot of losses. FAO reports that USD 16 billion has been lost in terms of production, along with damaged and destroyed assets and infrastructure within the agriculture sector, excluding damage to government irrigation projects, agro-industrial sectors and production channels in the foreign trade.


The livestock sector will have a significant impact on the future growth of Syria's economy. It provides more than 30 percent of the total value of agricultural production, 15 percent of the value of agricultural exports, and employs 11 percent of Syria’s total labor force, including many low-income families in the rural areas. Hence, growth and improved productivity in the livestock sector are important for wealth production and poverty reduction in Syria.

Syria was a storehouse for livestock in the region with its various types of sheep, cows, goats, buffalo, poultry and birds, where the Syrian sheep, Golanese cows, and Shami goats are among the best types of their kind in the world. Poultry production was also grown impressively, mainly from the expansion of intensive production systems. All attributes that gave to livestock in particular and the agricultural sector of Syria in general, comparative advantages, helped to increase its contribution to the GDP and made it a requirement for export.

However, Syria needs to develop the livestock and poultry industry to return to its former glamor position in the market and to achieve this strategic target, significant investment in machinery, equipment, and tools, as well as training, is needed. There is a need to adopt modern technologies in breeding, feeding, milking, veterinary, processing, producing, value-adding and consumer packaging apart from more investments in this sector.

Food & Processing Industry

As the country's most important production sector, the food processing, and packaging industry are experiencing magnificent development, even during the conflict period, the food processing sector has less effect and also has the fastest recovery. On the other hand, the Syrian government distinguished the consequence of establishing modern food processing and packaging plants for their dual positive result. Increase employment opportunities as well as support Syria's food security and self-sufficiency. Therefore, foreign and investment, as well as local private investment in this sector, is highly facilitated and supported by the government.

Attractive investment incentives, located in one of the biggest agriculture and livestock storehouse of the region, cheap and high-quality ingredient and raw material, available industrial sites, inexpensive skilled labor market, are the motivating engine of investment and development of the food processing and beverage manufacturing sectors in the next few years.

Rapid expansion within the food and drink industry has, in turn, led to an increased demand for all forms of processing and packaging machinery and supplies, from raw materials and ingredients to food and beverage production equipment, from bakery and confectionary equipment to fresh produce packaging, from bottling and canning to PET and fast food containers. This is a market not only trying to satisfy its demands but also developing its export trade to neighbouring countries