26-29-February 2024
15:00 – 21:00


International Fairground

Hall: 10 & 26


Agriculture, Livestock and Processing products, equipment, machinery and raw materials manufacturers and traders


Every business or entity related directly or indirectly to Agriculture , Livestock, Poultry, Food Processing and Industries

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2024 Exhibition

For the first time after 11 years of conflict and disconnection of Syria's agriculture industries with the global market has provided a brilliant atmosphere to establish a direct connection between the main international suppliers and producers and the demanded agriculture machinery, equipment and product input market of Syria. Also by having a full support from the Syrian Government specially Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade of Syria as well as all other related organization such as Banks, Custom Authority, Investment, Insurance firms, Hotels and many other sectors for the first time providing a wide range of solutions for facilitating the transactions of international companies during this international event. It is attempted to create a proper platform to upgrade the health condition of Syrian afflicted people.


Official Supports

The show is supported by the Syrian government and organizes under the patronage of Ministry of economy and foreign trade and Ministry of Agriculture of Syria.
It also has virtually sponsored by the related syndicates and unions of Syria

Why Attend?

At “SYRIA AGROFOOD 2024” manufacturers and suppliers will present a wide range of:
• Machinery
• Equipment
• Components
• Technologies
• Raw materials
• Fertilizers & chemicals
• Services

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